Heights Christian Youth Group News and Activities

Welcome to the Heights Christian Youth Group page.  As a parent or youth, you have received a card with this web page address or scanned the QR Code to bring you to this page.  This page will be constantly updated with all the latest news and activities that our Youth Group is involved in.  So if you want to know what's going on...keep reading...

One important reminder for parents:  Parents are always welcome to any activity, youth group or event their child is participating in (no advanced notice required...except when traveling so we have enough room in the vehicles)!

Youth Worship Team Practice!

We are forming a worship team for our youth...made up of our youth!  We are hoping to practice for worship every Thursday after school.  If your youth is interested in singing with the worship band, simply have them show up after school on Thursday for practice.  We do ask for consistency so that we can give our youth worship team the best chance for success!  Practices will last until about 5pm.

How Our Youth Group is Set Up

Our Youth Group is set up a little different than most.  We believe that God has called your youth to grow in their relationship with Christ.  Therefore, we do not spend a lot of time studying the Word of God together, because we should already be doing that.  Rather, we spend our time holding each other accountable to our relationship with Christ.

Every week, we are asking our youth how they are doing in six areas of Christian discipline:  Prayer, Bible Reading, Fellowship, Outreach/Service, Discipleship & Giving.  Each week of our month focuses on different aspects of these disciplines.

The first week of every month is a time of pure accountability.  We go over each of these six areas in depth and ask youth what God has taught them or convicted them of during the past week or month.

The second week of every month is a time of Q & A.  As youth are growing in their faith and walking their faith in real life, questions about their faith will naturally arise.  Having questions is good.  It means that youth are curious and growing in their faith.  We also believe that this a great week to invite friends who also have questions about faith in Christ.

The third week of every month, we started a series called "What I've Learned Since Youth Group".  We have been inviting former youth to share from their experiences and give wisdom to our youth that they wish they had or heeded when they were their age. 

The fourth week of every month, we are focused on fun.  We set aside a night every month just for the purpose of having fun together.  We will organize games and competitions for your youth to be a part of.  Or we will hang out and have snacks and games.  Fellowship is important and some of the best memories made at youth group are during those fun times.  This is also another good night to invite newcomers to our youth group.

When we have a fifth Wednesday of the month, we separate it for a special purpose.  We call it a "Serious Night of Worship".  During this Wednesday night, there will be no games.  The entirety of the evening is spent is seeking after God through various disciplines, worship and activities.  Each "Serious Night of Worship" is different, but all of them are designed to draw us closer to God as we draw closer to Him (James 4:8).

We encourage you to have your youth commit to be here each week so they might get the most out of these learning opportunities.   

Shane & Samantha Wyly

Parents Conference:  Revival Begins at Home

Our annual Parents Conference will be on Jan. 26-27 (Friday 6:30-9pm thru Saturday 9am-5pm).  We will have many workshops for parents of all aged children and a great conference speaker in Shane Wyly from Amarillo, TX!  The cost will be $50 per family and limited childcare is available.  You can register online at heightschristian.org .

We are also in need of childcare and childcare helpers for this conference.  Please contact Pastor Jeremy if you or your youth are available to help on these days!

Resources for Parents!

Along with the card that will take you to this blog, you will notice that there are a number of blogposts that I have done over the last few years.  These posts are on various subjects and current events from a Christian worldview.  You can subscribe to the blog by clicking the "subscribe" at the top of the page.  By subscribing, you will never miss a new blog on an important subject.

Also, we have created a number of YouTube videos for parents of kids of all ages, to help you disciple your children in the Lord (over 5 hours of material).  You can subscribe to that channel, as well.  Follow this link to go there!  You can also follow us on Facebook to see the latest videos or other articles posted to help you in your discipleship of your children.  Follow this link to go there!