Holiness...Two Minutes at a Time

We live in a culture defined by technology. 

In some respects, this could be construed as one of the greatest times in all of history.  So much knowledge, information and resources at our fingertips. 

Do you want to learn how to knit or auto repair?  Pop onto YouTube and look at the thousands of videos that give step by step instructions.  Or if you are someone who would rather actually read the directions, there are thousands of sites online for that too.

At the touch of a keystroke or a tap of an icon on our smartphone and the world awaits us.

I have a library of books on my phone that I can take around with me easily fitting it into my pocket and access anywhere in the world.

So what are most of us doing with all of these resources that we have at our disposal?  Playing games.  Watching meaningless videos.  In other words, we are entertaining ourselves to death.

Now don't think that I am just calling you out.  I am calling myself out too.

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Those that know me know that I love games.  My favorite game, by far, is a game called Dominion.  I have every set that has been created of this game, even the promotional cards (except for 2).  When we play games in my family, I will choose it 75% of the time.  I have the game on my computer at home and a version of it on my phone.  The phone version can be played in as little as 2 minutes, though it is usually 3 or 4.  I have literally played thousands of games of Dominion on my phone.

I usually pull out my phone and play the game when there is a lull in my life.  If I find myself waiting for 15 minutes for my family, I'll pull out the phone and play a few games.

Maybe you do the same with your favorite game or app.  Spare moments find us gravitating toward the mindless and meaningless, hoping to be entertained a few more minutes until our next destination.  We go to games with our kids and during the boring times, we pull out "old faithful" and kill a few more meaningless moments checking Facebook or email.  I am sure that I am not the only one who has had struggles with technology at the dinner table.

However, with each decision to use those "spare" two minutes playing a game, we do it at the cost of relationship, first with God, then to our families.  We say with every click of the button, every high score we rave about, every disinterested "uh-huh" at the dinner table where we weren't even paying attention to the conversation, that this little electronic device and the world it let's me explore is more fulfilling, more important than the real people in our lives and more important than a God who desperately wants us to know Him.

Lately, I have been trying to replace some of my two minute games with short devotionals that only take about 2 minutes to read.  My current one is a daily devotional by Jerry Bridges called "Holiness:  Day by Day".  Through it, I am challenged to spend these spare moments, not just reading this devotional, but being reminded that these two minute breaks are blessings to pray for others, love others by sending a quick note or text or just ponder and revel in the greatness of God.

This isn't to say that there is never a time for a little relaxation.  But I want to be known to my family, to my friends and to strangers around me as a man who seeks after God first and foremost.  This can only happen when I continue to choose God (and people) over the mindless and the meaningless that is so easy to gravitate toward.  And I am finding more and more that holiness comes two minutes at a time.


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