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Are Christians Judgmental?

Image rendered the following definitions for Judgmental: Image courtesy of Cooldesign at judg·men·tal     [ juhj- men -tl ]     Show IPA adjective 1. involving   the   use   or   exercise   of   judgment . 2. tending   to   make   moral   judgments :  to   avoid   a   judgmental   approach   in   dealing   with   divorced couples. They also offered up this definition from the World English Dictionary: judgmental   or   judgemental     (dʒʌdʒˈmɛnt   ə  l)     —  adj of   or   denoting   an   attitude   in   which   judgments   about   other   people's   conduct   are   made So just based on the common definitions given, the question that begs to be asked is:   Are Christians Judgmental?   And the answer is a resounding...YES!!! Now before you assume too much about the answer and think that this is just another blog on where we as Christians show, through our unloving actions, what hypocrites we really are and ho

Questioning the Tough Questions

Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan at One of the biggest arguments against the existence of God is the problem of evil (or pain and suffering).  It has been stated many ways usually trying to show how either God, if He exists, is powerless to prevent evil (as in the cases of people harming one another) or is ultimately the cause for such evil (such as natural disasters).  The premise behind such arguments is to diminish the God whom a believer is defending in such a way that no vestige of that God exists any longer and the only logical options are either atheism or skepticism. What often isn't questioned are the assumptions behind such scenarios posed to the believer.  If these were focused on a little more, I believe, that many of the arguments against theism would crumble against the weight of the very questions asked. Consider the worldview of the atheist or extreme skeptic that comes down on the side that God doesn't or probably doesn't exi

Dirty Laundry

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at She walked into my office having been escorted by our secretary, tissue in hand, eyes red from the constant flow of tears.  I invited her to sit down and tell me her story.  For the next hour, she shared heart-wrenching details of a relationship gone bad.  It was the disinterest that tipped her off that something was wrong.  Though only married 3 years, the problems began in earnest 18 months before.  He stopped doing the little things like, playing with her hair and surprising her with small thoughtful gifts.  Her personal favorite was when he would show up at her work with a mocha from Starbucks, she adored that just because it came from his hand.  But he hadn't done that in well over a year now.  Shortly after they were married, they were blessed with a beautiful daughter.  With parenthood, comes a lot of responsibility.  Maybe the extra chores of life had just begun to suck some of the vitality of their marriage aw

Sacrificing the Eternal for the Temporal

Image courtesy of Nathan Greenwood at Do you ever wonder if you are doing good enough for your kids? As a parent of three, I worry about how well I am raising my kids.  Like you, pressure mounts all around me for all the things that I ought to be doing for my children.  The opinions that come from friends, family and just the cultural expectations of what make a good parent constantly berate my efforts and seem to tell me that no matter how much I am doing for them, I can always be doing more.  And worse, that little bit more, my fears whisper, is the essential ingredient that I am missing. Right now, my fear has been fixated on my kids teeth.  My children have inherited my teeth.  (To give an idea of what kind of nightmare that is, in and of itself, just imagine four years of braces with a jaw operation thrown in just to correct the overbite that came with the teeth.)  What convicts me is how little has been done with them over the years they have grown u