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Learning to Use My Children's Gifts

Went to the hospital today to visit a beloved member of our church.  My son was coming into town with me and knew this member well and wanted to visit too. We went to the downtown hospital where my son had his surgery a few months before.  During one of our visits, we noticed that the hospital had a piano with a sign on it.  The sign basically said that anyone could use the piano, as long as they were not a beginner.  It was there to be a soothing balm to those who were recovering or going through a hard time. I had seen it many times before, but never in use.  I mentioned to my son that it would be great to come back after his finger had healed and play some on the piano as a ministry to those in the hospital.  He agreed and we kind of left it at that.... ...until today. After spending some time with our dear friend, who encouraged us with his Christ-like attitude amidst his situation, we found ourselves going down the elevator and the thought of that promise in the back of my

False Advertising...

Listening to a football game on the radio, I came across the most curious advertisement.  It is one that I had heard many times before.  However, like so many commercials, I simply had grown used to ignoring it or turned the volume down until the game came back on.  Yet, the advertisements just kept coming.  I would see them on TV during the sports programs I was watching.  I would hear them during the breaks of the political talk programs I frequent. With so much support from many of the programs that targeted men, I decided to finally listen to their pitch and see if their product could change my life in the way that so many of these commercials claimed it could.  Needless to say, I was sorely disappointed. What was promoted as a "male enhancement pill" unfortunately had nothing to do with magically making men the spiritual leaders of their family, the self sacrificial care giver of their wives, provider of their families or the protector of the lives of their household