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Why Saying You Are A Christian Doesn't Necessarily Make You One

Image courtesy of iosphere at Are you a Christian?  Now before you answer, please understand, this is not a trick question.  But it also isn't a question that can be flippantly answered because you have gone to church, been baptized, walked up front at some camp or conference during the altar call or even read the Bible.  If you were about to base your answer on any of those qualifications, you might have a little anxiety right now. Many people who have done many or all of those things and who would enthusiastically proclaim "yes" to the question posed at the top of the page will find themselves standing before Jesus on judgment day hearing the words they never thought was true...Jesus never knew them (Mat. 7:23).   It speaks to the point of this post:  Claiming that you are a Christian doesn't necessarily make you one. It is just like me claiming that I am an auto mechanic.  I can give myself the title.  I might even be able t