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The question that needs to be asked...and answered

Image courtesy of khunaspix / A few years ago I had a student come to me before youth group and ask a very insightful question.  He asked, "Why is it that when I come to your church I hear one thing about the Bible, God & Jesus, but when I go to my mom's church I hear the exact opposite?" How can the message of Christ be so radically different from one church to another?  Why is it possible to find one church that affirms gay marriage, gay clergy, living together relationships, etc... while another sees these same actions as abominations?  I could mention many other areas of disagreement in varying degrees of importance, however, I would like to stick with the one I've already mentioned because it is the lightning rod issue of the day and needs to be boldly addressed. The confusion in this student's question was sincere.  He wanted to have a basis for belief to know what was right, but he was given a contradiction that couldn'