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A Hypocritical Blogpost

It happens all the time.  I just had another conversation from a faithful member concerning sin in their lives.  If you think this blog is about is...but it's about me too.  So don't worry, I will happily go through this trial with you. I was told how their particular sin was hindering their lives.  No matter how many times they tried to defeat this sin, it came back and bit them in the butt again.  Every single time they failed over the sin, they felt like a hypocrite.  And there was no place more evident for these feelings than when they were at church in community with other believers. Don't worry...I go through the same thing. I mean, how can anyone honestly sing praises to God when we've struggled so mightily just this last week with sin and failed the very God we say we serve?  Doesn't that make the time of praise full of just empty words devoid of any true meaning?  In our minds, it becomes just a clever masking, putting on a good face in h