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Keeping Priorities Straight

Image courtesy of cooldesign / Those of you who know me know that I am organizationally challenged.  Actually, that last sentence is probably an understatement.  But when I say that I am organizationally challenged, it only involves the physical things in life (messy offices, clean houses, meeting deadlines, etc...).  However, in the area of spiritual matters, I am very organized because God is very organized. Within the Scriptures, God has given us several lists on the right order our priorities are to take.  I find this comforting because I am a guy and guys tend to want things spelled out for them.  Give me a task and I can complete it with ease.  Expect me to do a task, hint at it overtly, but never tell me've only got about a 10% chance of it happening (that number is probably high). Because God is so organized, I have come up with a list based upon the Scriptures on how our lives are supposed to look. 1.  Our relationship with Go