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Are you merely infatuated with Jesus?

Imagine you saw this amazing girl or amazing guy.  Everything about this person blew you out of the water:  their looks, their manners, their caring attitude for others, their intelligence, even the goals they had in life were inspirational to you.  As you compare them to yourself, you wonder how in the world you could ever get the attention of such a person, just to be a friend, much less the outlandish notion that they would be the love of your life. Yet, hope beyond hope, you find out from a very reliable source that they are interested in you.  It's like all of your dreams are coming true.  You courageously take the first step by approaching this person to hear for yourself whether or not this person is interested in pursuing a relationship with you and discover that all the rumors are true. Elated, you begin a relationship that starts so well.  You begin to learn about their past and what they hope their future will be.  You also begin to share the things that are importan