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Why Most Children Walk Away From Faith...

"Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things..." I think Jesus would say the same thing to us today as parents.  We are a distracted generation. In the land of opportunity, there are just so many opportunities that we worry over whether or not we are giving our children the right ones to prepare them for life.  We enroll them in the best schools.  We find the best extra curricular activities for their unique personalities.  We work extra jobs and contort our schedules to fit all the activities that they participate in.  We wake up early and go to bed late, often hag-ridden, during their seasons of busyness.  We give them seasons of joy often filled with electronic distractions at home and lavish vacations away from home to make up for the seasons of weariness.  We think of every way for them to get ahead and build a foundation that will serve them well as they exit our household and enter the greater world around them. Yet, despite our best efforts, it s