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Happy or Holy?

Our goal as believers is to strive for holiness.  Not just for ourselves but for our fellow believers.  It should also be our prayer for those who don't yet know Jesus.  Image courtesy of stockimages at However, in our personal conflict avoiding society, we are often settling for far less...happiness.  "If it makes them happy..." has become the mantra and wish of our generation and many of us, as Christians, have fallen for it.  We may not personally agree with the choices that they make, but instead of taking a stand for holiness, we settle for wishing them happiness.  Happiness is easy.  It costs you nothing to wish someone happiness.  Happiness has no conviction other than happiness be the goal.  The greatest evil to happiness is that which denies someone the happiness they seek.  Happiness says that relationship must be preserved at all costs beyond condition.  Which is what makes happiness, in our society, one of the biggest hindrances

Teaching Children (and Adults) to Avoid Drama

I have a drama queen in my family.  Maybe you have the same. Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at Now I love my daughter with this trait with all my heart.  However, as a father, I recognize that this drama queening will get her into a LOT of trouble in life, if I don't guide her through how to properly handle conflict (whether it is conflict with her own desires and wants or with others). Give me a moment to define the term drama queen (or king).  A drama queen (or king) is someone who over-exaggerates the importance of trivial matters.  These trivial matters then become the most important thing that is happening in their that moment.  Because of this attitude, there becomes unrest in their lives and everyone else's lives around them.  Their happiness and joy is affected by these trivial matters.  Fights begin.  Pouting happens.  Slammed doors.  Loud wails.  Disconcerted complaining about how unfair life is.  Exaggerated sighs or looks.

Questions Kids Ask: Who Created God?

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at As we expose our children to God, the Bible and its teachings questions are bound to arise.  These questions usually start at the age of 3 or 4 but will accompany your child throughout their walk with Christ.  Many of their earliest questions will either be on the silly or profound side.  The silly ones we can handle pretty well.  However, it is interesting that many of the first questions your child will have about God and faith will be the ones that will need to be revisited over and over again as they grow.  Let's take the question posed for today:  Who created God?  (Or who's God's daddy?) This question was asked to me yesterday by a curious Kindergartener in our Day Care.  It is important to answer the question at the level of understanding, and this is why we will have to revisit this question over and over again as our children grow into tweens and teens and finally adults.  So below is the question

A Parent's Biggest Temptation

Being the parent of a child or multiple children is an incredibly hard and time demanding job.  I know...I am one too. However, as hard as it is to juggle children, I believe there is an even harder thing for parents to do during the wonderful time God blesses us with the upbringing of these children.  It is simply this: Image courtesy of Vlado at Making sure your spouse is the most important relationship in your life outside of your relationship with God. When your children are young, you attend their every need.  They need to be fed.  They need to be burped.  They need their diaper changed.  They...just need everything. And that's how it begins...the need of time and attention starts with the parents being attentive to every cry of their child and celebrating every joy, like their first steps, and the first time they poop on the potty (can I get an "Amen"?). Life begins to revolve around this (or these) little bundles of joy.  As they

Holiness...Two Minutes at a Time

We live in a culture defined by technology.  In some respects, this could be construed as one of the greatest times in all of history.  So much knowledge, information and resources at our fingertips.  Do you want to learn how to knit or auto repair?  Pop onto YouTube and look at the thousands of videos that give step by step instructions.  Or if you are someone who would rather actually read the directions, there are thousands of sites online for that too. At the touch of a keystroke or a tap of an icon on our smartphone and the world awaits us. I have a library of books on my phone that I can take around with me easily fitting it into my pocket and access anywhere in the world. So what are most of us doing with all of these resources that we have at our disposal?  Playing games.  Watching meaningless videos.  In other words, we are entertaining ourselves to death. Now don't think that I am just calling you out.  I am calling myself out too. Image courtesy of nenetu