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How Technology Has Overwhelmed Our Souls and Hurt the Church

One of our congregation members who is very savvy at social media often posts about how things used to be.  From looking at old ways to do research, to top 40 songs of the past, old TV shows or remembering old customs from a seemingly bygone era...I am being reminded of my childhood and how things are way different now.  Showing my age, I relate way too much to the ways things used to be nostalgically. One area that has been on my mind lately is the availability of information and the impossible commitment it places on the church, both individually and corporately.  I believe the internet and social media has hurt the church (it has its blessings as well).  I believe that the influx of information that has been thrust into our lives has been too much for us to handle and put into a biblical perspective. Let me explain by drawing from examples from the past and comparing them to modern day realities. In Biblical times there were no phones or automobiles.  Traveling great distances