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The Symptoms of Falling Away

Today I'd like to talk about the gospel...the good news of Jesus Christ.  It is my contention that many who profess to be Christians are no longer (or have never been) so.  It's really not that controversial if you think about it.  Jesus said that the way is broad that leads to destruction and many are on that road (Mat. 7:13-14). This post seeks to give encouragement to those holding onto the faith and a warning to those who are falling away.  It also seeks to clarify what the gospel is and what it is not, something that those falling away may not realize they are doing.  It is also to help us as believers to understand where we may compromise the gospel, thereby denying Christ, if we aren't careful. The good news of Christ is simply this: 1)  Man and woman were created in perfect relationship with God (Gen. 1-2). 2)  Both the man and woman were tempted and sinned against God bringing suffering and death into the world (Gen. 3).  As descendants of Adam & Eve, w

The 3 Things Our Nation Needs

I am depressed as I scroll through story after story of the fallenness of our country.  From shootings in school, to the constant hatred spewed by our elected officials and the media that covers them, to  the comments section of any story filled with venom from a growing graceless populace, to the next scandal that is uncovered by the media that involves the church or facebook or...whoever..., these incidents represent only the symptoms of a sickening society. The ironic thing is that a large portion of societies ills could be cured with three simple admissions and the conviction to change them.  And no, these answers have nothing to do with gun laws or getting the "right" people elected.  It has nothing to do with politics.  But it has to do with commitment. Admission #1:  Children need both  of their parents. We have to admit that the great miscalculation of believing that one parent (or bouncing around between two of them) + lots of stuff or activity = well adjuste